The sedan that is best for my family of 3

Are you planning on buying a car? You should know that there are many factors that you must analyze before making the final decision. Many people make the same mistake and think only about their needs, requirements, and desires when choosing a car. This is wrong because you will probably use the car to drive your partner, children, elderly or friends in it and you must think about their needs too. When it comes to family cars, most people choose sedans because they are cheaper even though they have similar features like the ones found in SUVs. Also, they provide better gas mileage and more affordable repairs However, there are many different models of sedans that come with different features. Obviously, every family is different, and this plays an important role too. Me and the friends of, will analyze the best sedan car for a family of three in this post. The selection we’ve made is based on the needs of the average modern mother that will use the car together with her husband and grade 5 daughter.

Kia Optima LX

Kia is one of the fastest growing automotive brands. In the recent years, they have proven to be capable of producing top-notch sedans. One of the most attractive sedan models they have is Kia Optima XL This is the ideal family car model for those looking for comfort and safety without breaking the bank. This model costs around 30.000 CAD. Kia Optima LX is a midsize car with a modern, sleek design. Different engines are starting from 1.6-liter turbocharged engines to 2.4-liter engines with 185 hp.

Mazda3i Sport

Who says that family cars can’t contain the word Sport in their name? If you want to feel extra power in your car, you can’t go wrong with the Mazda 3i Sports car model. This model is slightly cheaper compared to Kia Optima XL, but this doesn’t mean that it is inferior to this car. It provides excellent mileage and comes with standard equipment like trip computer, push-button start, rearview camera, a seven-inch touchscreen and many other features. The blind-spot monitoring function is also worth mentioning.

Toyota Camry LE

Now here’s another car brand that has a broad range of family cars on their offer. This Sedan is more expensive than the other car models in this list, but once you take a closer look at its features, you will know why. The most popular model is the one with the 2.5-liter engine with 178 hp. It has a very beautiful interior with faux wood elements. This is also a very safe sedan that is quite durable. Finally, the Toyota Camry LE car model has a modern appearance.

Of course, there are few other sedans that can be added to this list like the Subaru Legacy, Volkswagen Passat (1.8T S model), and Nissan Sentra SV. No matter which car sedan you will choose for your family of 3, make sure to analyze these three factors – fuel economy, price, and safety.