Struggling to Teach My Daughter French, Any Tips?

As a single mom, I try my best to strike a balance between work and home life. When it comes to helping my daughter, she’s in grade 5, with her homework it can be a struggle. Particularly when it comes to French class.

We are both struggling to improve her grade in French, and I’ve tried several tips to try and improve her linguistic skills, but to no avail. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to invest in a French tutor or additional classes, so my daughter is totally reliant on my tutelage.

I understand that self-study can be quite difficult and learn with the guidance of a teacher is much easier. Unfortunately, she’s stuck with me. So, her self-study is now we study, and I’m adamant that there must be some way to improve her grade.

I’m willing to try new ideas and things, and we’ve been pretty experimental so far.

Some of the things we’ve tried out thus far are labeling everything in the house with post-it notes and writing the French word for everything. This has helped to improve her word knowledge, but that doesn’t help bring the language together when it comes to verbiage and sentence structure.

I’ve tried having her to listen to French music and watch some of her favorite shows dubbed in French, but it’s still not doing a thing to change her grade. It can be difficult to get a 10-year-old to focus her attention on something that she doesn’t understand or particularly care to understand. Had I known I would face this I’d have been playing her French tapes from birth.

We even tried a night of French foods and referring to everything in French, which was a lot of fun but the knowledge didn’t seem to stick. Every time it seems like we’re making headway it turns out there is no difference in her quiz and test results. I know there must be a way and I’ve overlooked it in my eagerness to see immediate results.

I’m sure other parents have faced this problem when it comes to a lot of classes, but I’m looking for guidance from parents who have had children struggle with learning a new language. If you had good experience in the past, can you recommend me a great tutoring service for your kids?

We sat down together and created a plan of action – we have agreed a specific time for French study every single day, and we have both committed to sticking to the plan. It would be great if we could incorporate more concrete ideas and promises into the plan, though. Does anyone have any tips? Whether your tip is specifically for improving French skills, or tips when learning a new language, all help is welcome! It’s really important that my daughter understands the language and improve her grade.