Nike & the local Oakville shop announces their support of 10K race

Nowadays Nike introduced it’s the name sponsor for the legendary Oakville competition of this season: the 10K. Regional athletes registered race world-record owner Jenny Adams on Ontario’s Westminster, one of the numerous renowned Canadian attractions away from home path through the Administrative Centre to enjoy.

Within the lead-up to race day, runners of amounts may obtain customized instruction trips by joining Nike’s social networks receive the motivation they have to become players, monitor efficiency and to create objectives.

Getting the internet group alive, Nike plans to improve the amount of Nike Work Groups happening to motivate athletes to find inspiration and to talk about their trip. Moreover, a number of custom operating activities managed by Nike within the coming weeks can help athletes remain inspired within the lead-up to race day and monitor their efficiency.

Continuing its strategy to encourage daily players to engage this year. It depends on Nike is supporting the competition, today in its year, that’ll observe 5,000 athletes struck the roads of Oakville about the 8th.

Jenny Adams said “The 10K operated by Nike and our local shops in Oakville, especially thank AutoGlass-Oakville, is definitely an incredible opportunity for runners of amounts to challenging themselves to become players. Nike is currently providing entrants they require due to their instruction trip, and to which makes it rely on race-day when it comes; there may not be considered a more impressive program than globe and the roads – renowned attractions of Ontario.”

Jemima, the Creator, and Battle Director of the 10K stated “We’re about having Nike up to speed as name sponsor of the 10K extremely thrilled. Nike has this kind of established history with operating, with everything they’ll bring towards the occasion experience during and following the competition, I am particular it will take the function to another stage.”

Time to complete more runs.

Thank you to all the athletes, sponsors/volunteers who made this wonderful event happened for us! 

More than 5,000 runners enrolled and competing!
Thank you to the 2016 10K Sponsors!

Why I Start Running and What It Has Done For Me

One morning, I woke up and wanted to change my life for better. It is because I increase my weight wherein I feel very helpless. Due to this, I realize that I need to do something; I want some change in my life. Therefore, I decided to go to gym and start my membership and start walking to their treadmill.

However, as I started this routine every day, I saw that my progress is very slow. Yet, I found out soon that I am also achieving some better results from my workout. I successfully lost some pounds from my weight. Because of this, I challenge myself even more. Then, I joined for 5k walk Aside from walking, I also started to join a running group in my own city.

Some of my friends keep on asking me why I start running and what it has done for me and I answer them with great confidence that it helps me a lot to in terms of improving my fitness and helps me have a healthier lifestyle. Running makes me improve my self-esteem as well as my social life. In addition, I am now aware about the healthy foods that I should eat.

My running and eating routine change a lot since I started it. I was able to accomplish many races; some of them are marathons. I am very proud to say that I lost almost all those excess pounds. Running has also makes me appreciate all those athletes. It also provides me with the desire to set some goals and reasons to roll out from my bed just to fuel my body to become strong, better, and achieve the lighter weight that I desire.

Now, I do not feel any more signs of slowing down; rather I build my confidence. I am very thankful to my running group because they have been part of the huge change in my life. They helped me become motivated to achieve my goals and at the same time, I find real friends in every event that I joined. Through my thorough workouts and running, me and my friends becomes consistent and dedicated to accomplish all our goals.

I feel thankful that I started running because it opens my eyes to the healthy living, which is now I found as something fun to do. I’m also thankful for my local sponsors from Etobicoke auto glass repair shop & Toronto Dealers The marathons that I have joined make me happier and provide me the opportunity to create active social life that incorporates fitness. Before, I am contented to just go out for some fine dinner, watch movie with friends but now, things becomes very different. I go out with my friends to have some run or walk and take some aerobics before we have our dinner.

Until now, I cannot believe that I can achieve the body that I want. Thanks for my running activities all my dreams really do come true. Now, I am contented with the life I have since I am now happier and healthier that helps me boost my confidence.

Mizuno Running Shoe Giveaway! Also Desi.

Today is a big day.  I’m a fan of Devi Davila.  She’s bad-ass, doesn’t make a big deal over herself and is faster than wildfire on steroids.

Sarah and Alyssa have told me that I remind them of Desi (whoa flattering x 1000) and today Sarah took it upon herself to provide a side by side and twitter it to the world:

I loved it. 

Poor Desi was included on these exchanges as well and rather than blocking all of us on twitter and filing for a restraining order she TWEETED BACK AT US!!